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Elise Grandizio & Hike Explore Recharge (HER)

It was on a cross country trip one summer in college that she was first introduced to hiking. Growing up on the sandy beaches of Long Island, the natural beauty of the West -depicted in the desert cactus, snow capped mountains and lush green forests- were just pictures in a book. Criss crossing the coasts from East to West and back again that summer she spent her days backpacking and nights camping under the stars. Returning to school in the fall with vivid memories of endless switchbacks on hiking trails in countless national parks, of traversing the death defying cables on Yosemite’s Half Dome Mountain, of picking up chunks of turquoise amidst the gravel in Kingman Arizona, she vowed to return to explore more of what the United States had to offer.

As it often does, life had other plans and soon the responsibilities of family and work left little time to travel. A major life shift brought to light the importance of living life in the balance and building in time for activities that recharge one’s energy. Her zest for life led her on a 5 year journey of solo exploration and hiking accomplishments.

Elise is a member of the Board of Directors for the American Hiking Guide Association and a 52 Hike Challenge Leader. With dual certifications as an AHGA Hiking Guide and a Life/Empowerment Coach she set out to share her spirit of adventure, expertise and passion for hiking with like minded women who preferred adventure travel within the safety of a group. HikeExploreRecharge (HER), LLC is born from this vision.

From Our Founder

What better way to explore the diverse natural beauty of the United States than by traveling with a small group of like minded adventurous women on a trip specially curated to satisfy your wanderlust and curiosity. Each carefully planned travel adventure offers a multitude of opportunities to recharge your inner energy through mindful activities and exploration of your surroundings.

Why Choose HER

Aimed at sparking passion and purpose into Women’s lives, Hike Explore Recharge, LLC  was created to provide a platform for Women to travel safely within a small group of like minded individuals to accomplish this goal. With never more than 6 travelers per group, our adventures allow for intimate and immersive experiences.  Our women only trips provide a safe space for personal growth and time for the much needed recharging of your individual energy.  Shared experiences of this nature fosters meaningful connection, lasting friendships and an overall feeling of well-being.  

HER’s unique combination creates the perfect balance!

HIKE- Physical Activity is proven to improve your cognitive health- helping you to think, learn, problem solve and it creates emotional balance by reducing anxiety and depression.  That feeling of accomplishment is a huge bonus!

EXPLORE- Gain inspiration through Exploration. Nature is by far the best form of inspiration we have in our lives yet it is often overlooked.  We will take the time to not only explore our surroundings but to also gain a deeper appreciation of it by delving into the history and geography of these areas. 

RECHARGE- Fueling your body with all the right stuff is essential to recharging your inner energy.  Healthy eating is an important part of what makes HER stand out from all the rest. Each trip incorporates elements of wellness and mindfulness practice.  A typical itinerary includes a session with a yoga instructor/energy healer with additional time built in for journaling and meditation as it suits your individual needs.

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