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Land of Enchantment/ Santa Fe, New Mexico


Oct 18-22, 2024 3 Spots Are you ready for an exclusive adventure to the Land of Enchantment? This travel adventure will begin in the state capital of New Mexico. Santa Fe has long inspired a myriad of artists through it’s vibrant mosaic of cultural influences. But did you know its is home to dramatic and diverse landscapes with an eclectic mix of mountains, valleys and mesas spread across the 1.6 million-acre Santa Fe National Forest. A hidden gem awaits you in one of the most beautiful locations in all of North Central New Mexico. The area is most famous for being the home of Georgia O’Keeffe, and a very popular filming destination for Westerns and other movies you might recognize it in such films including the opening scene of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Cowboys & Aliens, City Slickers, Red Dawn, Wyatt Earp, Accommodations will be at an Education & Retreat Center, nestled amidst the breathtaking red and yellow cliffs of the Piedra Lumbre, where vibrant colors dance to life, and the intersection of history and spirituality is discovered. From captivating archaeological sites to invigorating outdoor activities like hiking and horseback riding, our time spend in this location provides a sanctuary for exploration, rejuvenation, and the nurturing of one’s inner self.


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